About us

The Estate Car Company in Westcott has its roots in a company called

Black and White - established in Westcott in 2000.After Chris retired from motor racing, Black and White intially focused on producing Jaguar racing cars, servicing road cars and the buying and selling of cars. Because of the increased demand for Estate cars over the last few years - we now concerntrate  on the sales operation and  (The Estate Car Company) has been formed to focus on this growing area of the used car market. Over the last 17 years in the motor trade we have built a

reputation as a friendly and helpful company who always puts the customer

first - it maybe old fashioned but we try to provide decent service, quality

cars and decent prices. We will always look at a part exchange if it helps

make things easier for the customer. We have now moved so if you want to see a car please call Chris on 07990 716500 for an appointment - I am pleased to make appointments to view at home in BANBURY.

Our team

Chris Corfield

Phone: 07990 716500

E-mail: service@theestatecarcompany.co.uk

or  estate.car@outlook.com


Chris has worked in the motor trade for many years and has been located in Westcott for over 17 years - initially as Black and White, Jaguar specialists and now as the Estate Car Company.